Monitoring of hazard zones

Our company conducts research of hazardous zones and dangerous geological processes based on the interpretation of satellite images, including monitoring […]


A digital elevation model (DEM) is created on the basis of only satellite data, as well as using satellite data […]


Geomorphological interpretation of remote sensing data (RSD) and analysis of the results is an important, often obligatory, part of forecasting […]

Spectral analysis and lithology

Spectral analysis of remote sensing materials and lithological interpretation of the remote sensing data (RSD) are an additional source of […]

Structure-tectonic interpretation

Structural-tectonic interpretation of remote sensing data (RSD) – alpha and omega of remote forecasting works.  Interpretation is always carried out […]

Sattelite data based maps

Database formation:  Selection of remote sensing data (RSD) of various resolutions, different seasons and years of imaging, which meet the […]


            The purpose of forecasting works is to identify, within an area of interest, potentially promising sites according to the […]